Goin’ In Hot

Moot Davis

Crow Town Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


Why Moot Davis has not had more commercial success remains a mystery as he has released a number of well-crafted and listenable albums. It may be that much of his material has been in response to life crisis’ and thus follows a darker road but the songs have always been written and performed well.

Goin’ In Hot travels in a couple of directions. A recent break-up fuels a number of the tracks but there are also some up-tempo songs that are country music to the bone.

He is supported by his regular band, The Good Americans. Bassist Michael Massimino, drummer Joe Mekler, and guitarist Bill Corvino tested many of the tunes on the road and formed a tight unit in the studio.

Many of the songs have personal and insightful lyrics. “Wanna Go Back” is an old-style country ballad of loss and regret. “Food Stamps” is a sorrowful blue-collar song made more poignant by Gary Morse’s lonesome pedal steel guitar.

I tend to appreciate and enjoy his music when he is not in a maudlin mood. The title track has a twangy guitar, which is accentuated by Chris West’s sax runs. “Love Hangover” treads the line between rock and country. “Midnight Train” would be at home in a honky-tonk bar late at night. The album concludes with the goofy and fun-filled “25 Lights.”

Moot Davis covers a lot of ground with his latest release. While not cohesive as a whole, many of the parts are excellent. Goin’ In Hot is certainly worth a listen and hopefully will provide a well-deserved boost for his career.

Rating: ***