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First Name Lucky

Tweed Funk

Tweed Tone Records 2014

Review by David Bowling

Tweed Funk is one of those bands that you instinctively like and appreciate. They play an energetic brand of funky blues and soul. Formed during 2010, they have now returned with their third album titled First Name Lucky.

They are a sprawling six man band consisting of vocalist Smokey, guitarist JD Optekar, bassist Eric Madunic, drummer Nick Lang, saxophonist Jon Lovas, and trumpet player Kevin Klemme. They have developed into a tight unit due to a lot of time on stage. That tightness is very evident on their latest release.

Sometimes when in the recording studio, keeping it simple is the best policy. They have kept overdubs to a minimum so basically what they play is what you get.

They have recorded seven original and four cover songs. They attack the old rhythm & blues classic “Let The Good Times Roll.” Eddie Floyd’s “Knock On Wood” is given an over the top brassy sound. They travel in a very different direction with the original “Divided,” which is a laid back track that flows easily along. They ramp the energy back up with the brassy, horn-laden “I Got Loaded.

Tweed Funk is a band on the rise. First Time Lucky is an excellent stop on their musical journey.

Rating: ***1/2