Hot Mess

Pam Taylor Band

CD Baby 2013

Review by David Bowling


This one has been on my desk for a long time, which is too bad as the Pam Taylor Band is an excellent, straight-forward, hard rocking blues band.

Vocalist/guitarist Taylor fronts a tight unit consisting of sax player Mike Taylor, bassist Rusty Gilreath, guitarist Kyle Phillips, drummer La Freeman, and keyboardist Ryan Winters.

Taylor is one of a growing number of females who have entered the  blues field with good results. She has a gritty voice that fits the blue format well, plus she wrote 9 of the 10 tracks. As with all good blues artists she brings a passion to her work, which translates well on this release.

Songs such as “Hot Mess,” “Next Time You Think Of Cheating,” “Not The Only One,” and “All I Got Let” communicate her stories of life. Hot Mess is a worth-while debut album from a talented blues woman and band.

Rating: ***1/2