Garden Of Rainbows


Electric Lighthouse Recordings

Review by David Bowling


Lowman is a rock band whose members have a jazz background. Drummer Mike Connors, keyboardist John Funkhauser, guitarist Phil Sargent, and bassist Greg Loughman bring this foundation to the rock world. The result is a unique and distinct style. It all adds up to an Elvis Costello sound with some jazz rhythms thrown in for good measure.

The music falls into the hybrid category and thus is a little different. What isn’t different, however, is the lyrics which are incisive and vivid. They also made the wise decision to include the lyrics in a fold out sheet.

Recommended tracks are “Ghost,” “Midas Touch,” “Eden,” “Devil You Know,” and “Your Epiphany;” all of which are original compositions.

Albums like this are important to rock and roll as they explore and ultimately expand its limits. Garden Of Rainbows is a good and interesting listen.

Rating: ***1/2