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Stepchild Of The Blues

Howard Glazer

Lazy Brothers Records 2014

Review by David Bowling

Howard Glazer is a Detroit bred and trained electric blues guitarist. His albums have been to few and far in-between but now he has returned with his latest release Stepchild Of The Blues.

He is one of those guitar virtuoso’s who has slid under the radar for years. His technical skill and especially his ability to produce a near perfect tone from his guitar are some of the best in the business.

His new album avoids one of the major traps that plagues many musicians in that he explores a number of tempos and style and thus avoids a sameness in his music. There are slow blues ballads, shuffles, frenetic slide guitar, and some straight forward rock thrown in for good measure. Through it all, his powerful guitar runs propels the music.

“Gas Pump Blues” is an energetic, in-your-face blues rocker. “Somewhere” travels in a different direction with acoustic guitar and female backing singers on a tender ballad. He channels Bo Diddley on “Shakin'” as he chugs his way through a fiery performance. Sometimes it’s how you play slow blues that matter and “Hurtful Feeling” with some tasty slide guitar is just about perfect.

Howard Glazier has produced an excellent album of modern day electric blues. Stepchild Of The Blues is a must for any fan of the blues.

Rating: ***1/2