The Howlin’ Brothers

Readymade Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


A year or so ago I reviewed the album Howl by the Howlin’ Brothers and let me say that their new release Trouble finds them still howling.

Ian Craft (banjo, mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Jared Green (guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals), and Ben Plasse (bass, vocals) are an Americana string band. A number of bands purport to produce Americana music but the Howlin’ Brothers have an earthy connection to their music that is Americana at its most basic.

Their new album may be a little smoother that their past releases but it still has a raw quality to it. Behind the frenetic energy of the music and vocals are lyrics that travel the roads of love, pain, beauty, and a number of stops in between. It all adds up to an album of personal songs that provide individual snippets into their life’s experiences. Recommended tracks are “Boogie,” “Troubled Waltz,” “Hard Times,” and “Louisiana.” ‘

Trouble is a modern approach to music that reverberates through times-past. It is an album to be explored and ultimately appreciated.

Rating: ***