The System


Revolution Sound Lab 2014

Review by David Bowling

P-Knuckle has played over a thousand shows all across the United States and now has returned with their fifth studio album. The System.

The music, driven by heavy bass lines, explores some deep and funky electronic grooves. The lyrics have an edgy quality to them. The major problem is the music and the lyrics do not match up at times. It may work better live on stage but sometimes the vocals intrude upon the flow of the music. The times when everything does work produces a powerful and mesmerizing sound.

What the band can do very well is produce and mix an album. The sound quality is flawless and the mix of instruments create vivid textures. Vocalist/guitarist Chris LaPlante, guitarist Dave Jackson, bassist Jeff Koska, drummer David Barthelemy, and keyboardist Jeff Brink are a tight band and it shows on the album.

Recommended tracks are the pulsating “Roots Operator,” the political oriented “Bridges Burned,” and the smooth title track. It is an album of a number of good pieces. Accepted on that premise, it can Be an interesting listen.

Rating: **