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There are rock bands and then there are rock bands. It is probably safe to assume that Break Of Reality is unique in the rock universe as they are comprised of three cellists and a drummer.

The band began at the Eastman School Of Music in Rochester, New York when cello player Patrick Laird met drummer Ivan Trevino and so an odd rock band was born. Cellists Laura Metcalf and Adrian Daurov are currently the other two members of the group.

They live on the line between classical music and rock and roll. Their rock side was more apparent on their last album Covers. As the title suggests, it was an album of cover tunes by the likes of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Bach. Their new release is an album of original compositions and the pendulum swings back in a light classical direction. It is Trevino’s drumming the pushes the sound in a hard rock direction.

Songs such as “Helix,” “Star,” and “Storm’s End” are propelled by the interaction of the three cello’s and they create intricate textures and musical pictures. The drums weave in and out and provides energetic interludes.

In their favor is their commitment to visiting schools for free concerts. Any proceeds from these concerts are donated to the schools’ music programs. They not only play with the students but hopefully teach them to think creatively.

Ten by Break Of Reality is not your normal music fare as it fuses two very different sounds in a unique way. If you are in an adventurous mood, then you may want to give this album a listen.

Rating: ***1/2