Breaking The Law

Mental Monky Ballet

Applehead 2014

Review by David Bowling


If ever the definition “alternative rock” fit a band, that band would be Mental Monky Ballet. They are a Swedish sextet that has a classic rock foundation but the keyboards and especially the vocals move it toward the outer edges of rock and roll and away from the mainstream. This style is most apparent when the vocals run counterpoint to the melodies.

The two male, four female band is fronted by lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Vivi Lundstrom, and includes keyboardist Anna Wennersten, percussionist Linnea Simon, guitarist Nino Prekratic, bassist Maxa Fon Pashyeva, AND drummer Hakan Englund.

The unifying theme of the album is to challenge the prejudice against mental and personality disorders which is admirable. The secondary theme of the chaotic nature of the world is probably more in line with their style of music.

The lead track, “Into The Open,” is a good introduction to their sound. I viewed the band performing this song on You Tube and it was more powerful than just listening to the track. Other standout tracks are “Club 27” and “Different.”

Breaking The Law by Mental Monk Ballet is a different type of rock journey. There may be a few bumps along the way but it is always interesting.

Rating: ***