Learn To Live (EP)

Dan Masterson

Independent Release 2014

Review by David Bowling


Dan Masterson is quickly becoming an accomplished singer/songwriter. His 2011 debut, The Father Time EP, led to a successful tour of the United Kingdom. He has now returned with his second release, Learn To Live.

He has chosen to release another EP. While the five songs are well-written and recorded, they present only a small taste of his work. At this stage of his career, as he builds momentum, one would hope that he would record and release a complete album.

Masterson has a flexible voice that can purr and overwhelm. He fuses a country foundation with rock and pop into a creative mix. His lyrics tend to be personal that run the gamut from upbeat to maudlin.

The best two tracks are the peppy title track and “Fine,” which tells a compelling story while his vocal demands your attention.

Learn To Live is another step forward for Dan Masterson. The only problem is that due to its shortness, it leaves you with an incomplete feeling. What is here, however, is worth a listen.

Rating: ***