Empty Spaces

Lost & Nameless

Waterloo Records 2014

Review by David Bowling


When I first looked at the cover of the Lost & Nameless release, I thought bluegrass. They have a little more bite as they fuse country and rock into a tasty mix. Their new release at six tracks can be viewed as a long EP or a short album but either way, it presents a nice taste of their sound.

My major complaint of the release is in the mix of the sound. The vocals are just too up-front or loud, which makes them and especially the female vocals very harsh. It detracts from the overall listening experience.

The good news is the instrumental prowess of the band members. Guitarist/bassist/banjo player Patrick Conway, mandolin player/fiddler/lap steel player Chris Peterson, fiddler/bassist Kimberly Zielnicki, and keyboardist/accordion player Nathan Quiring can not only flat out play but are tremendously creative when combining their instruments into some unique sounds.

“Empty Space” has a Latin feel before going in a country and rock direction. The sounds they create on “Little Tornado” remind you of an actual storm. From an Irish reel type song to an instrumental that allows the members to demonstrate their proficiency on a number of instruments; it is a good and fun ride.

Empty Spaces by Lost & Nameless is a little different from much of what is being released today and is an album worth exploring. Now about the mix on those vocals.


Rating: ***