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Cedar (EP)

Dave Tamkin

Head Above Music 2013

Review by David Bowling


Dave Tamkin is an accomplished singer and acoustic guitar player. Rather than issue a new full-length studio album, he has gone the EP route. Cedar only contains five tracks and gives just a taste of his music.

My major complaint is the recording process. There are only five tracks but they were recorded at four different studios. Drums and acoustic were recorded in one place and electric and bass in another are an example of his recording process.  He is at heart a singer songwriter and one wonders how in touch he is with the music with such a disjointed process.

His talent does shine through upon occasion. While not recorded together, his acoustic guitar play and Luke Halpin’s mandolin virtuosity on “Lost Word” are excellent. “Drift” and “Missing On You” make use of some electric guitar play by Wesley John Cichosz, which gives the music a nice bite.

Cedar skims the surface of Dave Tamkin’s style and sound. He has released live CD’s, which are a better place to start when exploring his music.

Rating: **