Britney Jean

Britney Spears

RCA 2013

Review by David Bowling


Britney Spears has gone from being a pop icon in her late teens, to an out-of-control diva in her 20s, to a Las Vegas star in her early 30s. He career may have been built on image over substance but she managed to sell in the neighborhood of 100 million albums along the way.

December 27, 2013, marked the beginning of her long-term contract to perform at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Her “Piece Of Me” show will continue well into 2015.

Prior to the opening of her show, she released her eighth studio album, which was the last release on her original recording contract. Thus far it is her slowest selling album to date.

There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. She may only be 32 but she has been a star on the music scene for well over a decade. It may be a time to re-invent herself musically as her new album covers no new ground and is not up to the level of her past work.

Many of the tracks leave her pop roots behind and move in a techno direction with a preponderance of synthesizers. While there is slickness to the music, it ultimately comes across as bland.

Not all is lost however as “Til Its Gone” may be repetitive but her vocal is strong. “Don’t Cry” is a ballad, which has gotten better with each listen.

On the other hand tracks such as “Brightest Morning” and “Hold On Tight” are nothing but filler. She throws her sister a bone with the duet on “Chillin’ With You” but it never rises above the average.

Hopefully the blandness can be blamed on her fulfilling her contract or possibly looking ahead to her Las Vegas debut because if she was serious, they may be a problem.

Rating: **