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Southbound  And Down

Velvet Truckstop

Velvet Truckstop Label 2013

Review by David Bowling


Velvet Truckstop is a southern rock band from Ashville, North Carolina. They took their name from an velvet Elvis painting and an interstate diner. The band members are guitarist/vocalist Jamie Dose, guitarist Dorsey Parker, bassist/vocalist Ian Harrad, and drummer Jacob Baumann. They made a brilliant move getting Jimmy Sandlin (Allman Brothers) to produce their newest release Southbound And Down.

They may rock a little harder than what one would expect from a southern rock band but they are firmly entrenched in that category. They may not expand the format in any new directions but songs such as “Water In The Well,” “Another Sweet Dream,” “Face Of Stone,” and “Easy Mind” are well-played and competently written southern rock and roll.

It is an album for a road trip and make sure you turn the sound up loud.

Rating: ***