Where The River Runs Deepest

Eric Scott

Itzall Goode Music 2013

Review by David Bowling

Eric Scott’s fourth album, Where The Water Runs Deepest, started out as a solo guitar/vocal acoustic project. He felt the songs worked better with more instruments involved and so the music went in some unexpected directions. Still, it is his most stripped down album to date as his keeps the backing minimal.

In some ways I wish he had kept to his original idea as the emphasis should always be on his words and vocals. He is at heart a poet who can paint pictures with his lyrics. When you add in his wonderfully soulful voice; you have an artist that is best appreciated with as few instruments as possible.

The album has a very intimate flavor which fits his personal and confessional lyrics. “Boston” and “Give It To Me” have a poignant and nostalgic feel. “Break Me Open” is a trip into the inner sanctum of his mind. “Victim” and “Everybody” are the closest tunes to his original idea.

Etic Scott is well into the second decade of his career. He has learned how to create smooth and powerful music that has an impact upon the listener. Where The Water Runs Deep is an album worth hearing.

Rating: ***1/2