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Pheromone 2013

Review by David Bowling


It is difficult at times for an improvisational band to create an album, as a recording is frozen in time while live music has a flow to it and is constantly changing. Arjun has managed to tread the line between the two types of approaches well on their latest release titled Space.

Guitarist Eddie Arjun Peters, drummer Lamar Myers, and bassist Andre Lyles are the members of the instrumental band Arjun. They are basically a jazz/rock fusion group that relies on an improvisational approach. Their recorded sound is basic without overdubbing. This allows them to copy their live sound as closely as possible.

The rhythm section of Lyles and Myers lays down the beat giving Peters room to create his guitar excursions on top of their foundation. At times the bass and guitar play off of one another creating an interesting interplay of rhythms and textures.

While the album only contains five tracks; they range in length from five minutes to close to nine minutes, which allows them not to be encumbered by tight structures but rather have the time and room to build their sound by moving in the directions that the sounds takes them.

Space is an adventurous album for the mind as the music moves in unexpected directions. If you are in the mood for something new and a little different, then Arjun may be a group for you.

Rating: ***