The Complete Album Collection Volume One

Bob Dylan

Legacy 2013

Review by David Bowling

Any way you look at it, 47 discs worth of material is a lot Bob Dylan. From his 1962 debut through his 35 studio and six live albums, it is all here. What is not included is his official Bootleg material but since this is volume one, another massive collection, which includes that material may be in the future.

Dylan’s career has now passed the half-century mark and his music has helped define several era’s. When you look at a list of his songs, it is one of the most impressive in music history.

Each album disc comes in a slipcase featuring the original art. The 270 page hardcover book contains new liner notes, plus an album by album look at each release.

Fourteen of the albums have been remastered. If I have it correctly they are as follows: 1. Self Portrait 2. Dylan 3. Pat Garrett 4. Hard Rain 5. Street Legal 6. Live At Budokan 7. Saved 8. Real Live 9. Empire Burlesque 10. Knocked Out And Loaded 11. Down In The Groove 12. Under The Red Sky 13. Good As I Been To You 14. World Gone Wrong.

There is also a two disc set titled Side Tracks. It fills in some of the gaps of material left off of the original albums but note that all 30 tracks have been previously released on such albums as Biograph and Greatest Hits Volume II.

The Complete Album Collection Volume One is a massive set with a high price tag. It will appeal to fans of Dylan who must have everything or the fan that has some of his material but wants an easy way of filling in the gaps. In any case, it presents the music of one of America’s most important poets and musicians and is well-worth the price.

Rating: *****