What’s A Little Heartbreak

JT Spangler

JT Spangler Label 2013

Review by David Bowling


The press release for JT Spangler’s new release, What’s A Little Heartbreak, states that he lives in a 150 square foot self-sustainable tree house that is located on his 50 acres of land in southwest Tennessee. It also states he seeks a quiet, peaceful, out of the way place to recharge his creative and spiritual batteries. Whatever is happening in that tree house, it seems to be working as he has issued an album of excellent pop/soul.

After releasing three EP’s, this is his first full-length album. The production is impeccable and the music has layers that build upon each other. When you add in his moody and incisive lyrics, you have one of the better independent releases of the past year.

The lead two tracks, “No No, No” and “All Alright” are right out of the Motown songbook. His soulful vocal floats over blasts of brass and funky rhythms. He is at his best when he is in this type of up-tempo R&B mode.

Some of the other outstanding tracks are “Take My Time,” which has a late night, smoke-filled club vibe, while “Rendezvous” and the title track move at a slower tempo as they focus more on the lyrics.

Spangler may get his creative juices flowing in a tree house but he has produced a very sophisticated and textured album of pop and soul music. While he is not a household name, this is an album well worth adding to your collection.

Rating: ****