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Unnaturally Blonde

Sandy Carroll

Catfood Records

Review by David Bowling


Sandy Carroll travels the highway and by-ways of our country playing her brand of blues. Every once in a while she enters the recording studio with producer/engineer/ husband Joe Gaines and creates an album of excellent music. Her newest release is titled Unnaturally Blonde.

She writes or co-writes most of her material, which allows her to produce her brand of blues. Her songs are always interesting as they feature her eclectic glimpses of the ordinary. Accompanying her on her latest musical journey is guitarist Will MacFarlane, drummers Steve Potts & Yon Rico Scott, bassist David Smith, and keyboardist Rick Steff.

While she is a blues artist at heart, at time she does branch out in a number of directions such as folk, soul, and rock that build upon and use her blues foundation. The songs range from the heavy blues sound of “Somebody Gotta Pay” to the poignant “Waltzing To Sunset (Pappy’s Song),” which is a heartfelt tribute to Gaines’ father. Other outstanding tracks are “Superman Blues,” “Bad B Movie” and the title track.

Unnaturally Blonde builds nicely upon her 2011 release Just As I Am. Her bluesy voice conveys wit and emotion as she presents her stories. If you are an aficionado of the blues, Sandy Carroll is an artist for you.

Rating ***1/2