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Those Tears I’ve Cried

Steve Scott Country

Bona Vita 2013

Review by David Bowling

If I had to imagine what a country album recorded in Detroit, Michigan would sound like, Those Tears I’ve Cried would be it. Steve Scott strides the line between country and rock. His best tracks can be labeled hard country as the lyrics and vocals are close to a traditional country sound but the screaming guitar on songs such as “I Think About You” and “Lorra” would fit in with the Detroit hard rock scene just fine. This is especially true with the solo on “Lorra.”

Many of the slower tracks, without the guitar pyrotechnics, are closer to a traditional country style norm and just seem less exciting than the up-tempo numbers but they are solid.

Scott is an excellent guitarist and fine vocalist and is accompanied by a tight band including bassist Rob Crozier, drummer Will Osler, keyboard/accordion player Steve Mullans, dobro & pedal steel guitarist John Lang, and fiddle/mandolin/banjo player David Mosher. He also is able to write his own music and lyrics, which is a distinct advantage in the music industry.

The tracks with the most radio appeal are the catchy “Tequilarama” and the patriotic “Have You Ever Known A Soldier.”

Steve Scott’s Those Tears I’ve Cried deserves some attention as it contains some good music that crosses over from a traditional country sound in an interesting way.

Rating: ***