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Miley Cyrus

RCA 2013

Review by David Bowling


Miley Cyrus is trying to bridge the gap between being a teenager and a young adult. This can be a difficult journey in general but when the world is watching, it can be a perilous as well. She is now trying to leave her Disney, Hannah Montana days behind and embrace her music as an adult. Many teen idols have been unsuccessful making the transition from a teenage to adult audience but she had made a good start.

Bangerz is by no means a perfect album but is a maturing musical statement and at this point in her career that alone is welcome. Her voice seems much stronger than in her Hannah Montana days and that may be due to the maturing process as well. The material is a bit hit and miss, which makes for an uneven album but when she has a good song to work with, it is excellent pop music.

The lead single from the album, “Wrecking Ball,” has become a big hit. While the official video, complete with Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball, has helped give the song a big commercial push; it is excellent modern day pop and very radio friendly. She travels in a different direction with the ballad “Adore You” but it is another fine vocal performance. “4X4” and “Getitright” are both fun tracks.

The album has highs and lows but overall she has made a giant leap toward producing a sophisticated brand of music. Bangerz is already riding high on the charts and is an important step in her ongoing career.

Rating: ***1/2