Flow and Change

Judy Dyble

Gonzo Multimedia 2013

Review by David Bowling

Judy Dyble’s place in British music history was secured when she became one of the founding members and lead vocalist of Fairport Convention. While her time with the band was short, their rock/folk sound helped to change the course of music in the U. K.

She next moved on to Trader Horne and became a frequent guest artist. She then spent almost two decades out of the limelight but became active again in the 2000’s on the concert stage and in the studio. She has now returned with her fifth studio album, Flow and Change.

The years have been kind as her voice remains a clear and beautiful instrument.

Many of the songs have a mystical quality, especially the lyrics as she and co-author Alistair Murphy paint pictures with their songs and music.  Her stories come from the imagination as they look back to her folk roots, but have a very modern and enchanted feel. Many of the songs have a reflective feel of longing, which not only fits her style but also her age as winter begins to close in.

The best tracks are “Black Dog Dreams,” “Head Full Of Stars,” “Featherdancing,” “Winter Song,” and “Drift Away; all of which are propelled by her ethereal vocals.

The sound is fuller than her past efforts but there is still a judicious use of instruments as strings, piano, and guitar float in and out and help to create layered textures.

Flow and Change is not only a brilliant album but it makes sense given her history. It is a wonderful ride through the music and imagination of Judy Dyble.

Rating: ****


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