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We Need To Go Back: The Unissued Warner Bros. Masters

Dionne Warwick

Real Gone Music (2013)

Review by David Bowling

Dionne Warwick was a force in pop music for several decades; selling tens-of-millions of albums and singles. Her career can be divided into three parts; her time with the Scepter label (1963-1970), the WB label (1972-1977), and the Arista label (1979-1994). Her Warner Brothers period was more obscure. Now Real Gone Music has gathered together 19 unreleased tracks from recently discovered master tapes.

Fans of Dionne Warwick will be delighted with the release of We Need To Go Back: The Unissued Warner Bros. Masters. On the other hand, many times unreleased tracks were unreleased for a reason, which means the average music fan of her era may want to pass and stick with her better known material.

She recorded dozens of tracks by Burt Bacharach and Hal David while with Scepter but now Bacharach has some new writing partners. Bacharach and Bobby Russell provide “And Then You Know What He Did” and “Plastic City” and he teams with Neil Simon on “And Then He Walked Through The Door.”

Five tracks are from her unreleased country album. Highlights are “Rest You Love On Me” by Barry Gibb, “I’ll Never Make It Easy” by Connie Van Dyke, and “Keep Me Warm” by Linda Hargrove.

No matter what the material, Warwick is a pure pop artist. Her voice can soar plus bring out the nuances of a song as she creates varied textures. The material may not be the best she has ever worked with but her voice is at the height of her powers.

We Need To Go Back: The Unissued Warner Brothers Masters is not the place to start when exploring the legacy of Dionne Warwick but fills in a number of gaps in the career of one of pop music’s masters.

Rating: **1/2

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