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Sunday Morning Record

The Band Of Heathens

BOH Records (September 2013)

Review by David Bowling

The Band Of Heathens is one of those independent bands that tour constantly, producing energetic and potent rock and roll. They have now returned with their fourth studio album titles Sunday Morning Record.

The band has undergone change during the past year, including family, geographic, and line-up yet the chemistry remains intact. All the changes have pushed the band to release the most personal album of their career.

Tunes such as “Shotgun,” “Caroline Williams,” “Records In Bed,” “Girl With Indigo Eyes,” and “Miss My Life” have an introspective nature yet retain the Band’s humor, tight musicianship, and catchy music.

The best of the album are the ballads. “Since I‘ve Been Home” is a gorgeous acoustic ballad. “Had It All” and “Texas,” which gradually builds to a crescendo, creates a delicate but moody atmosphere.

Vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Ed Jurdi and vocalist/guitarist Gordy Quist continue to write the songs and form the foundation of the band. They are now joined by keyboardist Trever Nealon and drummer Richard Millsap plus a cast of revolving bass players.

The band continues to evolve and change its approach, which is always positive. Sunday Morning Record is a solid record that may not change the course of rock and roll history but bit contributes to its foundation.

Rating: ***

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